Catherine grew up in Oklahoma enjoying the companionship of terriers, a willful horse and any other critter she could persuade her parents to tolerate!“Living, natural forms are always integral to my work. Gesture, immediacy and intensity are key elements of my working mode and resultant art. I prefer to work rapidly and with intense focus in squishy, responsive media such as ceramic clay, plasticine, wax or plaster. Each medium gives expression to different aspects of my sculpture. Ceramic clay brings out the whimsical, while the exigencies of working in fast-setting plaster lead to bizarre, abstracted forms.When I sculpt animals, I not only show the animal in a characteristic moment typical of the species but also hope to stress the interconnectedness of all life, so that there is a shock of recognition in which we see Ourselves in the Other.”

In her spare time, sometimes Catherine teams up with Toronto Painters in Canada, working on her interior and exterior painting skills.

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