Green Flooring

The quest to a greener earth is fast becoming a priority in many a home owner’s plan. Flooring made out of recycled material is considered ‘green’, in comparison to felling a tiny forest of trees every time to meet flooring needs, in the long run. Hardwood floors are the most practical of flooring alternatives, and as such, aligning practicability with eco-friendliness is of primal importance. The effect of cutting trees is not an alien concept, and as a result, clever means of forestry management mitigates this risk quite well.
Standard floor refinishing makes a mess and is detrimental t the environment. Indoor air quality would take a huge blow after polishing and buffing, highlighting the need for invention. Oil vapor and dust would be generated, causing health problems for the occupants of the houses. Emergence of dust free and economical, as well as eco friendly refinishing methods may be attributed to the desire to avert the negative effects of earlier methods.
Refinishing floors more often than not involves the use of a sanding machine. Machines that generate less noise and dust are also part and parcel of the green movement in the refinishing business.
Gloss is toxic
Gloss and oils used to polish and rebuff floors were known to be toxic, but were still used due to lack of friendlier alternatives. However with advancements in technology, refinishing is now possible with the aid of plant derived oil finishes, which are non toxic and environmentally friendly.
In the past when refinishing was virtually impossible, one had to rip out the entire flooring and replace it with a newer, and trendier counterpart. However, with recent advances, and a movement towards eco friendliness, non toxic varnishes, sealants and oils have been developed, handing man a double pronged assault against environmental degradation. Saving a forest of trees and saving the air from poisoning, and keeping the carbon footprint where it should be, grounded.
The use of recycled material to make hardwood floors is also worth noting. For instance, credit is due to the wine industry for providing used barrel wood for use in flooring! The quest for greener methods of refinishing has not ignored longevity of the effects, as these new-age materials and chemicals last just as long as their environmentally unfriendly counterparts.
Reducing one’s carbon footprint is also a factor important enough to set and drive trends in flooring, and as such, will continue to play a pivotal role in determining what path trends lead to.

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The Artist Inside

Many of use believe we have no artistic talent or ability whatsoever.  It’s part of the way we are raised and part of our culture that leads us to belive if our first attempt at somehting artistic isn’t high quality, then we have no ability.

However, this is not the best way to measure if one has artistic talent or not. While some individuals do possess natural skills that allow them to produce high quality pieces of art early in their development, many people possessing artitics talents need to dig deeper and work harder to uncover, polish and refine their hidden potential.

Without working and trying to develop a skill, art or otherwise, there is not enough to accurately measure any kind of level of success or failure.

The next time you want to try to do something artistic, don’t be overly critical of the results.  Instead trust your instincts and be patient with the development of the artist inside.

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Staying Connected

One of the most important tools as an artist (besides my talent) is the ability to connect with others in my field and around the art world. Technology allows us to do so much these days whether it's talk to someone over Skype or even face-to-face on our cell phones. So it has been a largely discouraging experience to deal with communication issues at home.

In this day and age you'd think we would be able to have reliable technology in a relatively populated region but apparently not. My nephew recently started working on VOIP New Jersey telephone systems at Steadfast so I gave him a call to grill him with questions. I've stayed with him for periods of time and loved the services he had. There were never any issues.

The long and short of his answers were that it just doesn't make companies enough money to offer my region better services. The only real option was satellite internet. I'm happy to say that he was right and I'm writing right now over my new and improved internet connection.

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Watch Adam Beane Sculpt Matt Damon!

This is truly incredible. If Matt Damon is one of your favorite actors (He certainly is one of mine), then you’re going to love this new video from Adam Beane, a 36 year-old American sculptor. We’d like to say kudos to Adam for this terrific bust of one of America’s most beloved leading men.

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Another talented sculptor, Adam Reeder shows us how agile he can be with clay, sculpting a lifelike bust in just 50 minutes (though with the power of fast-forward, brought to you in just under three minutes.)

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Philippe Faraut is Amazing!

Have you guys seen Philippe? He is amazing. Check out this video of him sculpting a man.

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Welcome to my new blog

So I’m moving into the 21st century and this is my blog.  I hope to share some new things with you all.  I find some neat videos on YouTube and I’ll post them here if I find them interesting.  Here’s hoping for a happy new year.  Welcome!

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